Current Lab Members


Dr. Pedro M. Avellaneda Lopez
Pedro is a post-doc working jointly with Dr. Royer and Dr. Adam Ward. His research uses AgroIBIS, a process-based ecosystem model, to examine the potential of cover crops to affect nutrient loading to surface waters in the Mississippi River basin.

woman in water

Lienne Sethna
Lienne is a PhD candidate studying nutrient biogeochemistry and stoichiometry between silica, nitrogen, and phosphorus in human-impacted systems to better understand the conditions leading to the formation of harmful algal blooms.

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Leah Baumann
Leah is a master's student interested in studying nutrient cycling in soils as well as streams in agricultural watersheds. After completing the MSES program at O'Neill she hopes to pursue a career as a soil scientist or in another conservation related field.

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Liam Bules
Liam is an undergraduate working in the Royer Lab through the Cox Research Program. His research interest is road salts in urban streams. Liam will be graduating from O’Neill in spring 2021.

  • Jack McLaren, MS in Environmental Science, 2017. Thesis title: Management and limnology interact to driver water temperature in a Middle Rockies reservoir-river system.
  • Sara Burns, MS in Environmental Science, 2014. Thesis title: Macroinvertebrate Response to Habitat Restoration via Mechanical Removal of Fine Sediment, Fawn River, IN, USA
  • Joseph A. Morgan, MS in Environmental Science, 2014. Thesis title: Silt removal restoration alters hyporheic hydrology, metabolic balance, and nutrient cycling in Fawn River (IN).
  • Dr. Diana Oviedo-Vargas, Ph.D. in Environmental Science 2013. Dissertation title: Dissolved organic matter and coupled biogeochemical cycles in streams and rivers.
  • Dr. Laura T. Johnson, post-doc 2008-2012.
  • Jessica N. Fulgoni, MS in Environmental Science, 2012. Thesis title: Water quality monitoring and stable isotope analysis in tributaries to the Upper East Fork White River, Indiana.
  • Michael P. Brennan, MS in Environmental Science, 2010. Thesis title: Effect of dissolved organic carbon quality on denitrification rates in a headwater agricultural stream in central Indiana, USA.
  • Kristin M. Gardner, MS in Environmental Science, 2009. Thesis title: The effects of urbanization and deicers on chloride concentrations in south-central Indiana streams and potential impacts on aquatic life.
  • Thomas J. Warrner, MS in Environmental Science, 2008. Thesis title: Biogeochemistry of dissolved organic carbon in midwestern agricultural and urban influenced headwater streams.